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Our Departments

The Department is responsible for the financial management of QCC and it includes the following sections: Cash Office,Salaries,Stores,Billing,Data Entry.The department is headed by a Manager.
It is mandated to carry out audit operations of QCC designed to add value and also to ensure QCC finances are in conformity with approved programmes of COCOBOD.It's headed by an Audit Manager
This Department handles the numerous needs of the company's employees. From financial to legal matters, human resources departments help in maximizing the efficiency of QCC.
The procurement unit is responsible for every procurement as well as management of contracts of the Company. Other activities include, acquisition of goods.
The primary purpose of this Department is to safely transport staff to and from various office locations accros the country and to maintain QCC fleet.
The Department is responsible for the maintaining of the physical structures/Buildings of the Company. It is headed by a Deputy Estate Manager.
The Marketing Department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of QCC, by reaching out to prospects and customers while creating an overarching image that represents QCC in a positive light.
This Department is responsible for management of information systems needs of QCC.It's headed by a Deputy Information Systems Manager and he is assisted by IS Officers.