Dr. Edward O. Amporful, the Chief Pharmacist at the Cocoa Clinic in Accra has stated that consuming cocoa regularly improves the cognitive ability of an individual and boosts their academic performance. He disclosed that countries, which have produced many Nobel Award winners have high rates of cocoa consumption; evidence of a strong correlation between high cocoa consumption and cognitive development.

Dr. Amporful made these remarks when he addressed students of the Commonwealth Hall at the University of Ghana, Legon during their Minimpinim Li Hall Week celebration.


He encouraged the students to consume cocoa regularly for a healthier life.

‘When consumed regularly, raw cocoa contains a lot of essential nutrients which can reduce fatigue, improves sexual ability, reduce high blood pressure, among others’, he stated.

Thousands of vandals attended the Minimpinim Li hall week which is organized at the beginning of every academic semester to bring both past and current students together in a spirit of love and unity.